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DBM Colorado

  • Warm Bodies Isn’t Just For the Teen Girl Squad

    Tonight Sarah and I got to see Warm Bodies with some friends. I knew it was a “new spin” on Romeo and Juliet going in, and at best I thought I would come out thinking it was okay. Tonight, I was proven wrong. Within the first few minutes of the movie pretty much everyone in […]

DBM Texas

  • Lethal Weapon Marathon – Bromance is Magic

    Since the previous day was spent working non-stop to get some things moved back and forth from storage, put up new furniture, and get a bunch of other chores done that we haven’t had time to do for ages (see, readers, it’s not just DBM that has been left behind, lately), I was ready for […]

Deadly Thoughts

  • Blasting to the Top at 88 mph!

    Greetings DBM fans everywhere! If you’re reading this, then you have probably already voted in the Death By Movies Greatest 1980′s Movie Ever Poll.  And because this is Death By Movies, you know that we are the authoritative source, and there is no flaw in our methods or arguments.  Because we are deadly that way.  […]